If i had known to begin with that i would be able to love him, would i have agreed to try?

Was i after his money after all?

ddddddddddid i want him to love me back? oh yes, absolutely. i always want to be loved. but i aaaaaam not always able to accept the form that love takes on its way to me from someone else.

love takes many forms of course, we all know that. money is one famous way to show affection, teasing, occassional pats on the rear end (is that to distinguish it from the front end? is the front end tits and the rear end, ass? i guess that's gotta be it... why do we waste time with tangents anyway, why not stick to the story, damn it. frankly scarlett, i don't give a damn), subtle and not so subtle sabotage, irritating neediness; we show love and affection all kinds of ways. but i only really like to see some of them, the other ones annoy me or even sometimes make me furious, enrage my sense of what is indeed romantic. and in this clumsy way, we find our mates, can you believe us?