An Intrinsic Exquisite


as she poured

Samuel another drink, Gina felt that she could sense Alistair behind her, ghostly, appreciating

more loving than in the flesh, she thought, in the flesh, he is always criticizing me

unembodied his love is far more tangible

am I mad?




"I don't think it matters what we do: I have been a good person for the longest time now and I cannot seem to make my life into the fairy tale I am dreaming of."

"But Disney did us such a disservice, don't you think? Robbing us of the darkness of those tales."

"Ah, yes, and no. Those tales emerged from eons of time in which we suffered and created our corruptions. Those original fairy tales represent our psychological history. Disney, in a true American spirit of hope, demagogy and greed, recreated us to believe that we could hope for a happy ending in which our hopes, our dreams of ultimate power and complete unending wealth would descent upon us and leave us happily ever after."

"I don't think we can credit Disney with happily ever after. To me that is something between the mother and child. That's Mary and the infant Jesus. That is the essence of courage, this belief in happily ever after."

"No, it is the great weakness in us that makes us susceptible to Hitler's perfect race ideology and all the other demagogues and cheating lovers who promise us unending bliss."

"It is just too wretched to live believing only in the wretchedness of existence."

"I agree totally darling, that's why I avoid domesticity of all kinds."

"Sorry but I don't see the connection. Are you saying that domesticity is wretchedness?"

"Oh, yes: Total and complete bondage to the mundane."