An Intrinsic Exquisite











"Oh, God, Samuel, we are never going to agree because I am equally sure that if we have any chance at all of bliss it will come from the immersion in the mundane; that it was powermad bullies who needed the men to fight in their armies, their wars for more, who stopped the world of the mundane from its natural evolution, exactly as they have razed our forests to build their warships and tourist attractions, they cut down our families and convinced us we were trading wretchedness for glory and the fun of secondhand experience (tourism)."

"Ah, non, ma cherie, you are simply a victim of nostalgic sentimentalism. We merely traded one sort of wretchedness for another. We have yet to create that passionate community of vibrant families that lives so clearly in your imagination. Just because it is clear does not mean that it is real. Pas du tout."

"I have to hope he will come back to me."

"But you wish him to return transformed, which he and I agree means that what you wish for is actually - a new man."

"I disagree -"

"I know."

"Let me finish - "

"If I can have another drink."