An Intrinsic Exquisite

when it began










Sunday it was, warm and blithe. Tentative and creative, unsure of herself in the extreme, Gina was walking with the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. This beautiful girl was everything Gina was not. Gina's pale skin was reflected in Alice's dark glow. Gina's blond hair, almost white, saw its opposite in Alice's wild thick black tresses. Alice's silence seemed to call forth Gina's loquaciousness.

I wish, thought Gina, that I was beautiful, it's so much better than being smart. No one wants to be with a smart girl, everyone likes a beautiful girl.

Alice was looking ahead, Gina could only assume that Alice was listening to Gina's long description of her next art project: I will do this because... and that will elicit this... and the reason I believe so strongly in eliciting that is this... and on and on she went.

Wishing to be beautiful, and, if not, at the very least, to create beauty.

"Let me introduce you to a friend of mine," Alice said without ramifications. Gina knew better than to ask questions. Alice never had answers, she went from action to action, causing confusion among her many friends and lovers but no one seemed to mind since it was such a visceral pleasure to simply be in the presence of such an effortless physical beauty.