An Intrinsic Exquisite

there was no

sign then

she never

ever pursued
she was far too

insecure to make even the second

or third move

much less the first



"Here we are, " Alice said as she rang the doorbell..they were facing a wooden door with an awkward stained glass insert of a blue bird. the blue bird's eye was too big and staring, as if it had had an awful fright. Gina couldn't help but wonder what could have scared this glass bird, something it had seen on the street or something that had happened in the house?

a man came to the door. he had a lovely smile.

"Are you busy?" Alice said, as if anyone would be busy if Alice offered herself in exchange for the time.

"Not at all," the smiling man said expectedly, expectantly

"This is Gina. Gina this is Alistair."

he was pleasant and very polite. she would come to hate that politeness, to wish to tear it off him
he would bring out the worst in her. but not yet

there was no sign then nor at the next ten or twelve meetings that Alistair would awaken the deepest passions Gina had every experienced. in fact, Gina's impressions of Alistair were all of the same type for the longest time

she thought he was in love with Alice. the way he looked at Alice and hung on her every word and raced to pick her up and take her wherever she wished to go, her personal cab service

well, who wouldn't be in love with Alice? the little pangs of jealousy Gina felt she interpreted as jealous feelings towards Alice's ability to command male reverence

Gina had no idea that she herself was falling deeply and irreversibly in love with this gawky man whose body and face seemed all patched together wrong - as if someone had mixed up one of those tripartite picture books - the ones where you could switch eyes, nose and mouth, until you made a combination to make you laugh or awed or

tske your breath away

now she was married. oh, yes, Gina was married to her third husband. nothing to brag about, she thought, there for the taking was I - any man show me the slightest interest - I was right there in his arms

Gina liked all sorts

odd was better than pretty or handsome
but she was an equal opportunity shag
she tried out as many types of men as attracted her or, more accurately, pursued her