An Intrinsic Exquisite

a different


if there is such a thing as emotional distance then I have it and emotional dissonance?

hey, sugar, I have a hefty ton or two of that.. women on the verge?

no, no verging here. total immersion

is what it is, totally drowning in it, it is what it is

though why it isn't better - I don't know



she sang in the rain
like the reported, reputedly African tribe, she knew that the movement of water
through air
through leaves
over rocks
spilling fast
spilling slowly
made the rhythms
and the harmonies upon which music is built

"Limping invisible down the slow black sloe black fishing boat bobbing sea"

you and me babe, sliding, sinking, gliding, blinking looking for that ocean of love

I can't help wanting to be entered

enter me
my heart hurts
my tears are crying
t he rhythm of my crying is the deep harmony upon which my music rests

tears of joy would support a different symphony

my sounds reverberate with these broken promises
pinching my heart
a ll around the edges, these promises leave their fragmented marks

and in the center

in the center I lie awake at night and wonder if all my will and waiting is the futile manifestation of a deeply manipulated belief

does someone get something out of us wishing for love, longing for love?
I can't see it