An Intrinsic Exquisite


we slow it down with negativity

negative negativity is destructive

positive negativity is form

and formal relations walks that line

veering often dangerously close to the abyss of live backwards




it's impossible to feel bad all the time

perhaps that's part of the secret of psychology, of the psychopathologists...
when patients start to feel ok
the therapists lump the patients' sordidities into the positive repackaging born of their newer, better mood

what sort of woman am I?

the kind that prepackages the truth that suits her and ignores the rest?
don't we all sift and sort?
we can't take it all in. so it's filtered, obviously we are filtering

I suppose that there's some importance then, in establishing, in acknowledging
the intentions inherent in the filtering

the first layer of filtering has to be survival
and self protection
and yet she had often seen that filter broken -
women and men friends impaling themselves for causes and loves
which were too-too clearly destroying them

so the basic filter can get an override order. but from where? what overrides survival?