An Intrinsic Exquisite

perhaps we are

not so much inspired as filled to brimming

til we burst forth a response to all that is being offered

inundating us passionately embracing us

almost stifling us with possibility




she had stripped off her sopping clothes
she was standing in the midst of the pil
the wet fabrics feeling somehow comforting
a base
a floopy, soppy, messy pedestal

here I am on my pedestal
and what a pedestal it is indeed
Greeks would be alarmed

she stepped out of her encasement onto the lovely wood floors she and Samuel had painstakingly refinishe
she loved the feel of this wood against the sole sof her feet
she left the pile of debris where it was and moved towards the bathroom in a sort of glide

she never could decide whether the bed or the bathtub or the kitchen window were here favorited spots in this apartment

I'm alone too much, she thought,
I have too much time to think

she turned on the bathwater, harder than necessary and soon steam was filling the air

my breasts are a bit Greek though
well the right one anyway
the left one is a bit wonky

God, the hot water crashed through the stiffness in her toes

I will never, ever climb Mount Everest, she thought
she kicked the water around till her feet felt fully supple

the telephone rang