An Intrinsic Exquisite

the invisible


so who is she?

she is the sleeping Goddess

why does she sleep? when will she wake up? is she waiting for her Prince to battle the darkness and come and kiss her where she lies?

oh, yes, this is what she waits for

this is what the Goddess does

and we who participate by accident of birth and our Xchromosomes wait
with her



inevitably it sang to her from another dimension

intimations of immortality? no. intimations of future intimacy. love was a long and complicated decision to participate

a "willingness" as Alistair had insisted, to dive into the meaning you can make with another person

but how, how, how, Alistair, did your willingness change to disillusion, incomprehension, terror, and worst, unwillingness

temporary insanity, she had assumed, it was just a temporary thing. the way he loved me will come back

we will cycle through it again
but the cycle remained totally in the darkest possible side. when people come together they crash their ideologies, somehow self destruct what they are simultaneously building

why do these enlightened ones deny and denigrate romance and the possibilities inherent in gender entanglements?

ok, part of it is their disdain for the physical
anything that derives from the physical plane must in and of itself, by definition and derivation be corrupt because of its generic history

mud is mud
and we are mud
and mud is and always will be something less than whatever we deem is more
money, status, power, the ability to murder, destroy and maim

ok, that's part of it, that's a well known part of it
but there's more, there's the part belonging to the invisible giant
the one in repose

the silent one

the sacrificed invisible presence which supports and promotes and in fact is responsible for generating life