An Intrinsic Exquisite

the air is full of

self pity

how can I rescue air?

it clings to my skin
clogs my pores
begs for escape

where can air go?

where else can air be but here?




she was dry. cocooned in a robe, she went to answer the phone

"Hello," Mary said. "I think I have a man for you."

Gina said, "Not interested. I hate blind dates."

Mary said, "I know. You like to use your own instincts and the realms of chance and synchronicity. And it has failed you every time."

Gina said, "So you think I should use you?"

Mary said, "I am very reliable."

Gina laughed. Mary was indeed very reliable. "I'm not sure I'm looking."

Mary said, "You can't believe that the looking ever stops until the answer has been found..."

Gina said, "I was just thinking about that. I don't know if there can be any sort of answer at all in that way. Men don't want to be the answer or even an answer. They want to keep their illusions and plenty of women. Take all our mothers, for example, who are willing to maintain illusion in exchange for security."

"And you have no need for security?"

"Not that I've noticed. I mean I have a kind of longing for a peaceful sort of motion but not desire to be protected and more critical I think, no ability to trade my vision for it."

"I think you'll like this guy."

"What's his name?"



"Kidding. How 'bout I don't tell you his name so you don't go over-thinking this. How 'bout I just kind of put you two where you can pretend you ran into each other by accident?"