An Intrinsic Exquisite

imbeciles could

do this better

she doesn't love him




play me

take my body and play me

that's what I miss

she liked being used
because when he used her she knew what she was for -
most of the time she felt use-less, merely intellectual, another mispelling of ineffectual
all these ideas - what were they good for?

her parents had never seemed to touch her at all.
she sort of vaguely knew that this was because they were so oversexed that all touch for them was stimulation and in some deranged way they were protecting her from the not-so-causal sexual abuse they had both experienced from their parents in their own childhoods

but this had an odd effect
this meant that she walks/traveled/went everywhere inside a cocoon
that she has a shell of untouchability about her and a hunger so deep that she is easily waylaid (pun intended) and misused

oh the folly of generational anxieties