An Intrinsic Exquisite


why I like to be







fears hold me in, protect me, give me
a skin like a rhinoceros, I can withstand anything

sweatpants cozy me, pretend I am soft
gentle, appealing - I can pretend I am lovely

dresses make me crazy. I have never
lived up to a dress in my life. well, almost never...

pajamas and nightshirts are ok sometimes
but their shapelessness can make me feel depressed

shorts are just stupid - but useful
slacks don't bend

sexy clothes are usually way too tight
to feel sexy at all

bathing suits are problematical
as we all know

I never had an evening gown
or a wedding dress

I never had a military uniform
but I have had several school uniforms
do I have to say that school uniforms make everyone look ugly?

costumes can be fun for awhile
any outfit can suit a moment

but naked I am one with my world
naked means I am with someone I love
or I am somewhere very safe

naked defies the limitations of all my roles
naked is the favorite disguise of my soul
naked is my soul entranced with form