An Intrinsic Exquisite


promises kept

or broken

elicit an implicit explicit

if at first you don't succeed

try, try again

and if that isn't working

take a break, look around, decide to like what you've been given

redefine success
fill in the spaces
quit being so stubborn

the losers have way more fun than the winners

if you extract the humiliation and if there is no concomitant isolation



his heart is strong
there is no where in him a hint of failure
but loneliness

there's the rub
he feels it deep and sharp
it shatters the iron of his strength
and brings him to his knees

he prays
at length he strays again to tempt
the fates
this time
he says
I will search and find
my happiness in the sharing
of two hearts I will find
an ecstasy of in betweens
instead of my usual grasping at empresses

the queens stood in wonder and awe
of their principle so deep in thrall
of womankind he had grown full need

come from adventures
come home indeed

and she?

she was beyond joy amazed
relieved to find herself enjoined
in trial so extreme and difficult
a trial so worthy of her best patience

her dearest regard she shared with the queens
as they watched their glorious hero bring
himself into the pasture to learn the life
of treasured dreams