An Intrinsic Exquisite


trench warfare of love

everybody's talking nobody's listening

how do I know if what I have to say is worth being listened to?

I only know because you listen to me

that is precious to me

words produce themselves in my mind

acres of vineyards
each word a grape - can't possibly eat them all, busy now making wine -

hoping to find some friends who wish to dine



when I woke up
this morning
it was over
and I was ok
he didn't matter
and I wasn't rejected
it was a question
of perception
it was a fact of overstimulation
it was that he entered me
through my mind
and was able to convince me
to become one with his physical life
and, once I was there, once
I was entrenched in the physicality of us
and my natural loyalty came into play
I couldn't release myself
no matter what anyone said
even me
no matter how much I needed him
to release me
he wouldn't
no matter how much I needed him
to love
he couldn't
so there we were
locked in this trench
warfare of love
no going forward
no going back
no music
making love became making fuck
and that was good
I don't want to lie to you
fucking has a charm
all its own but it isn't the same
as filling the world with our names in the sky
immortal til we die in each other and find
ourselves again on the other side
still loving only now forgiving, sheltering, vulnerable