An Intrinsic Exquisite


a long litany

a list of hierarchies arching over me higher



higher arches over me arching
what gives them validity to say they are higher?
why is connection to the earth lower?
lower than what?
where is everybody else for fuck's sake?
we're all here

we didn't come through the vagina all of us
not any more
now we can be cut open from the belly, sliced out
reached in for

and apparently it would be desirable to be entirely incubated
genetically engineered
put the mind in charge of the whole frigging practice
leave the intricate skill of the delicate balancing of the soul's potentialities
to a darker time

oh how I long for the respite of that darkness

that soul nurturing place which is still fecund, accepting, sucking
no doubt were I overwhelmed with that I would be longing for the bright cold light
of reason

but today I am reason's enemy

today I long for the dark