An Intrinsic Exquisite


objects of desire

a dance metaphor merged in my mind with Disney and 1940's Hollywood Romance

and I believed
all I had to do was be


to achieve nirvana



and I was desired
and won and that led to a confusion
so profound
I am still digging my way
out of the rubble of feelings and insights
lies and promises...

the objectification of persons is one small part of the objectification of reality
to this objectifying we owe almost all the fantastic splendors of science
this object understanding leads us to make great leaps in engineering knowledge

but the frailty of the object understanding lies in its inability to create healthy humane systems

people do not want to be known as objects, they wish to be responded to as persons
but they learn to like what they can't change, they learn to live up to the worst images
of themselves, they even cut themselves into predetermined shapes and sizes
in order to more fully become objects of desire

the sacrifices they must make to live up to the static images they are trying to achieve

we are trying to be still and that stillness is death