An Intrinsic Exquisite



if peace is possible what will that mean for relationships?

if men had never had to go to war

if neighboring tribes had never come to slaughter

how would we have become?

who would we be?


an attempt at stillness might
create a counter reaction of manic creativity
but it takes place inside the same object zeitgeist
we are things and we use that thingness to achieve higher levels of thingness
and to collect more things, which are lesser things, around and about ourselves

without a sense of the object nature of nature's creature creations
we live inside a claustrophobic tentacle-like universe
where the raw power of the soul's need to expand itself
has not reliable boundaries and spirits overwhelm
each other as a matter of course

the existence of a language
an understanding of objects
allows us to begin to create
a mechanism for peace that will heal
the wars that have plagued heaven

since the beginning of time