An Intrinsic Exquisite


temper molds

every hard thing

with his hot
inescapable hand


once upon a time Paul wanted to be a priest
but his parents knew that he lacked the requisite goodness

when his mother tried to tell him that he might ought to consider a different career, Paul had her killed
his father didn't fare much better

suspecting something was NOT QUITE RIGHT
Paul's father was searching his only son's room for incriminating evidence when he felt a short sharp shock

he too fell dead at the hand of his overly zealous son

the priesthood lost several old and tempered priests mysteriously
littering the proverbial ground
Paul made his inexorable rise

many years later
this same church tries to keep her on her knees but she resists
calls to other resistors
to push away the brutality inhering in the system Paul permeated with his fanatic aceticism

shameless infringement of will on fortune
and fortune becomes mis

rather, uniquely realize
each step, a dance of twin wills
internal and external force

a constant flux
and counter flux
making friction
making fire
making love
is bliss

ecstasy of the actual
is communion