An Intrinsic Exquisite


there is always a


she had tried

plenty of protector/procreators
plenty of irresponsible arty types
plenty of gigolos

none of it satisfied her sense of the romantic

all of it was irrelevant to the purpose




the protector/procreators have a lack of imagination.

the imaginative arty types have too much imagination or, in any case, cannot distinguish between the real and the imagined

gigolos are fun in bed, excellently seductive but completely mercenary (that's the point, right?). whatever gains in pleasure come in bed are quickly dissipated out of bed

what other kinds of men are there? at least, what other kinds are interested in women?

could I possibly have fucked my way through every possible male genera?

how bewilderingly disappointing

perhaps this is the moment for creative imagination

perhaps one has to paint with one's magic (purple!) crayon

perhaps that's harder than it seems

she set to work to try and imagine a different sort of man