An Intrinsic Exquisite

men aren't

smart enough


we are never going to get anywhere until we deal with the problem of evil women

not that we can find an answer or even a compleat delineation of the problem of evil in women

but until we first admit and finally begin to illuminate what constitutes degeneration and evil in women, feminism or the work to liberate society or the effort to gain equality, even legally, for women, will be futile

beside the fact that it is a heinous lie to blame men for all that is wrong with the world, no, wait, let's stay on this one for a bit - you can't even legitimately blame men for patriarchy

there is no possible way that men could have taken over the overt control of the cultural power positions without the collusion and cooperation of women

men aren't smart enough

there are as many greedy women as there are men and plenty of women are willing and able to and capable of selling out anyone to better their self interests