An Intrinsic Exquisite


self improvement


evil women - can be of the fairy tale types: the evil spoken ones who poison the atmosphere with their foul insults and cynical selfishness; the conniving step-motherly ones who maneuver themselves into situations they do not belong in and cannot live up to, one animal assuming another's shell; the wicked witch who wallows in bitterness and lives waiting to catch unsuspecting innocents in order to ruin their lives too...

I think that women need to own their own mistakes and pitfalls, talk about what scares us in ourselves, what we fear becoming, what perhaps we have occasionally or permanently become

we think it sounds old-fashioned and pathetic that women wore corsets so tight they couldn't breathe, that women would have a rib or two taken out in order to be pleasing to the fashions of the times, that women could spend a lifetime never enjoying a sexual experience, that women spent hours putting wax on their faces that stayed there for days. good heavens, we have not changed a bit, have gotten worse - now we don't just remove a rib, we vacuum out fat, cut and shave our bones, add bosoms and butts, or take them away

we don't cover our faces with wax because we can completely alter our faces surgically. and too many women still live their entire lives without experiencing a joyful or even a satisfactory sexual experience - only now some of those unsatisfied women are sleeping with tens, or hundreds of men

we think we're so liberated when we exercise ourselves relentlessly, that this is somehow better than relentless dieting or girdles or corsets. of course there are some women with their very own 16 inch waists and others who are genuine sports enthusiasts but, nevertheless the standards set for women are as absurd today as they ever were