An Intrinsic Exquisite

two sexes



this is the trouble with a patriarchal world, of a patriarchal literature. Shakespeare saw it well enough, though I doubt he understood it well enough to articulate it any other way than how he did. in his plays I can see that in all his tragedies the women are evil, silly, silent or mad/insane (so angry that their brains have burned to nonsensical structuring)... the world of the tragedies is a world made up entirely of men. the comedies, all, have eloquent powerful women functioning actively in the interest of love, desire and social felicities

the more we allow ourselves to be overcome by a patriarchal structure and vision, the more women ape the shenanigans of men instead of articulating their own deepest yearnings, the more quickly and inevitably we move towards a tragic, self annihilating, suicidal, wilderness of despair - and I cite Shakespeare in this (see above)

but articulating our yearnings and naming our downfalls, our pitfalls, our disgraces, as well as our joys, our hopes and our achievements, is not easy. we must create a place in our language for our meanings. we must struggle with our own fears of inadequacy and despair. we must learn to value what has here-to-for been unimportant: things private, intimate, lovely, birthlike, lover-like, nurturant, sustaining, silly, humorful and our losses, the grief and desolation we feel when we lose someone we love - these and much more must be spoken, sung, danced, articulated again and again until a body of work exists from whose mulch the flowers and fruits and longer lived trees can emerge

we will save the world this way. only this way

there are two sexes, regardless of sexual acts and preferences, there are two genders, and this profound, basic, radical, intrinsic polarity is the first and last place we must look to create the balance from which a workable peace can emerge