An Intrinsic Exquisite

I think I have tried everything I can think of  
I have tried being angry  
I have tried explaining slowly, carefully, about freedom  
I have tried crying  
I have tried begging I really hate this one because I've noticed that, if I have to beg it's invariably to someone who has no mercy. the whole charade is futile. No merciful, compassionate person ever lets it get so far that another person has to beg. I hate this one
I have tried not speaking sometimes this one works OK but only for a little while. it can create a moment of respite in the tug and pull of power machinations
I have tried sex this sucks sex when everyone's mad is really stupid. a dead end
I have tried not having sex this never works..they either like it because basically they're prudes anyway and that's why they can't dance or else they go fuck someone else who doesn't care about all this meaning of life bullshit - so demeaning really...
I have tried therapists this could be a whole other book I'll spare you
I have tried intervention this is just another word for ganging up on someone
I have tried giving up this is hard to walk or run away. but I have done it many, many times. it's like Ajax for the soul, a really tough cleaner

I have tried not