An Intrinsic Exquisite


never mind that this shattering presupposes a greater structure, sounder, more full of love and light than can possibly be contained in these tiny social containments - never mind, because we cannot live inside this void that isn't a void, we must live in these boxes so we know what to do and how to live and where to go and what's expected of us

no, it's a question of balance. it is possible to live in and outside boxes.

and I don't mean to scare anyone, I want to breathe fresh air and share the view. I hate discussing the decoration of boxes

but then why punish myself?

because a moral part of me must still be living in a box and trying to cut myself down to size to fit in that box. not sure which half is the offending part. the bottom that loves to fuck and walk and runs away from boxes or the top that thinks and feels so strongly sending waves out and about destroying walls with their vibrations - not shells, I don't destroy shells


this is why no


one tells the truth about themselves

or their perceptions

because it takes the frames

and shatters their existence