An Intrinsic Exquisite


we destroy the illusion life works so hard to create. love became associated with death because love is the death of materialism. materialism is the disproportionate proportioning of reality into hierarchies of value, meaning and deliberation

it is in the interest of a grandiose society to define love as death then to assiduously keep everyone from committing the suicide that isn't

we make people think that love is a tepid emotion so that the social fabric won't be in danger of disintegrating under the pressure of the daily separation of passionate beings passionately involved

simpering-silly-diamond ring-expensive wedding-where should the children go to school?-type love does not endanger the particularization process

so this pathetic sham is blessed with the name that belongs to something much more powerful. instead of a sharp aged cheddar love, we have processed cheese. yum. yuch

find a mental helicopter. achieve a sufficiently distanced view

realize that life needs the periodic rushing intensity of real drenching love to clean its streets. like a woman's period or the periodic flooding of a river, love must be allowed her chance to go beyond her boundaries, to overwhelm everything

love is lord-and-lady and wants us to know it, uses us to show its self and will do anything, destroy anything, to be its self, to be allowed to live its combined life

what remains?


no thing