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I want to leave this relationship


Any time we are involved in situations that became dangerous to us or to our children we are alerted to make plans for the future. We can act on these plans in case of any emergency that threatens our personal safety. It is not possible to control other people's behavior, even if we know them very well, but we can make plans to guide our own behavior should we become frightened or feel threatened. The following outline is a start, creating a personal safety plan for you and your family.

I can use the following safety precautions:

1. I will leave money and an extra set of keys with ____________ in case of emergency.

2. I will keep important documents* (or copies) at ______________________________.
(*Identification for myself. Birth Certificates. Social Security Cards. School and Vaccination Records. Money. Extra set of keys.)

3. I will carry change to make emergency phone calls.

4. I will make arrangements with __________________________to stay with them for a short time in case of an emergency.

5. I will give my children's school or day care copies of any important legal documents pertaining to my children, and a list of people who may not pick the children up from school or day care.

6. I can carry my protective order (or a copy) with me at all times.


If my partner no longer lives with us and is still dangerous. In my home:

1. I will get steel core doors installed.

2.I will get a peephole installed.

3. I will have a blind dead bolt installed.

4. I will make sure there are two ways to exit the house.

5. I will get outside lighting by the door.

6. I will tell _____________________ that my partner no longer lives with me and ask them to call the police if they see him around the house.

7. I will help my children develop their own safety plans, and teach them how to get in contact with me if we are ever separated.


On the job or in public:

1. I will inform my boss and a co-worker about my situation.

2. I will ask to have my phone calls screened.

3. When leaving work I can __________________________.

4. When driving home, if a problem occurs I can __________________.

5. I will use different grocery stores and shopping malls, and shop at different times than I did when I resided with my batterer.


Drugs and Alcohol:

I understand that drug and alcohol use can impair my ability to react quickly and effectively if I am threatened.

1. If I am going to use, I can do so in a safe place and with people who understand the risk of violence and are committed to my safety.

2. To safeguard my children, I might ________________________________.


Safety and my Emotional Health:

1. If I feel down and ready to return to a potentially abusive situation, I can _______________.

2. When I have to talk with my batterer in person, or by phone, I will ____________________.

3. When I feel others are trying to control or abuse me, I can tell myself "_________________."

4. I can call _________________ and _________ or ___________if I need support.

5. I can go to workshops and support groups at the Center for Battered Women or ____________ to gain support and strengthen my relationships with others.


Every woman's situation is different. Think about your own circumstances and add to this list of precautions.


What would you like to do now?

1. Talk to someone

2. I want to be safe and stay in my home

3. I want my children safe

4. I want to leave

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