women’s poetry for a change

issue # 59
fall 2003

page two...

rochelle hope mehr
frozen in time
unable to divine
its source
obsessed with the depths
unable to confess
the love
from above
najwa salam brax
in my cozy, rosy garden varicolored
rosebushes dance and sway
an artistic ballet that sets the rock
to sing in the awakening summer
pansies, still butterflies dreaming
of platonic shadows to reveal
their true existence. wild butterflies
inspire matter and spirit - they waltz
with iridescent birds of paradise
spreading tiny muses of serenity
my thought swells into visions
my heart catches flitting beauties
of paradise. in my flower-filled garden
new ideas flap in the summer breeze
a long poem is born, well written
by various pens. Shall I trim it, edit
and publish in the book of nature?
Orpheus sends his immortal notes
on ethereal wings, circles of butterflies
in rainbow flight herald nature’s
feathery dreams. I fly with them
a wing merging with wings
simple simon
temi rose
met a pie man
going to the fair
but Simple Simon lacked money
the where and with all
to represent and so
was not
no remittance
not a pittance
the meaning of consciousness
rochelle hope mehr
I dabble in doubt
I doubt my dabbles
doubt is what keeps me free
doubt is what keeps me me
I doubt therefore I am
I am
therefore I doubt
the moment I am certain
I am dead
my mind is dishevelled
my hair is tousled
we’ve spent the night
totally carousled
how can the day be
stolid and staid
when through the night
we’ve been fifteen times laid
eleanor koldofsky