The Anatomy of My Becoming - 2006-2009

Topography: The Landscape of My Soul - 2002-2005

full length ....

aurora leigh - love and revolution based on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh, a novel in verse... with additional dialogue by temi rose, mark delabarre, shellie sclan, marshall berman and czeslaw milosz

    shadow tag - three acts, 2 hrs, characters, one set: an apartment (in nyc? or maybe anywhere)
    string theory- love story comedy first workshop production 2008 ensemble studio theatre, nyc
    sympathy- drama - two acts, 2 hours, characters, one set: a theatre (in nyc? or maybe anywhere people think seriously about stuff)
    times square - two acts, 2 hours, characters, one set: a house of prostitution - first workshop production 2007 ensemble studio theatre, nyc


01_circles of light
02_shadow tag


B. anatomy
2_times square
3_string theory

less than two hours .....

          when i was a virgin, dear madonna two teenage women characters short/20 minutes
          sewing one young woman character short/15 minutes
          a peaceful place two young women characters short/35 minutes
          mist a female clown and a male comedian short/15 minutes
          celeste angry a woman and a man sketch/10 minutes
          karma male or female "hero" and six or seven others sketch/10 minutes
          circles of light 7 characters (4 or 5 women, 2 or 3 men) medium/90 minutes
          reality one man and one woman or one woman and two men or one woman and three men medium/90 minutes