Sympathy: A simple, tender grace of the heart

by dr. temi (brodkey) rose

1981: tech night / Euripides' Medea...

July 7-10 8 pm

Mainstage - Ensemble Studio Theatre
549 West 52nd Street
New York City, N.Y.

Angela (Medea) - Britney Burgess*
Fred (Jason)- Nicholas Kattar
Louise (Chorus) - Margaret Loesser Robinson*
John (Tutor) - Wilbur Edwin Henry*
Marge (Nurse) - Lucy McMichael*
Henry (Messenger) - Enrique Rivas
Peter (Creon & Aegeus) - Christopher Lee*
Trudy (Stage Manager)- Stephanye Dussud*
Billy (Director) - Tim Wersan*
Jean (Billy's Lover) - Meghan Andrews*
Terry (Techie) - Dawn Harvey

*appearing courtesy of actors equity



for reservations call: 646-320-9190


equity showcase - donations accepted

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fever by amy huddleston