Selected Poems from
don marquis' archy and mehitabel (1916)



lucy mcmichael
temi rose
don brennan
elena sapora

intro to 1950 edition by e.b. white on

archy and mehitabel

recorded january 30th, 2011 ~ at the ensemble studio theatre nyc

fair warning: the poem texts are unabridged, but the recorded texts may not be entirely accurate

the coming of archy

archy creates a situation

archy interviews a pharaoh

archy hears from mars

the wail of archy

archy at the tomb of napoleon


the song of mehitabel

mehitabel finds a home

mehitabel was once cleopatra

mehitabel's extensive past

mehitabel sees paris

why mehitabel jumped

mehitabel has an adventure

cheerio my deario


the hen and the oriole

the dissipated hornet

the cockroach who had been to hell

the cheerful cricket

the flattered lightning bug

a spider and a fly

the lesson of the moth