Book Two ~ hand to mouth

“Women are divinities. They are life.”  Buddha

Chapter One ~ pirates

“Romance imposes a false formalized structure onto human relationships. Romance is a lie, a dance, a fiction, a blindness. People maim themselves in order to remain blind. They would rather hold onto the fictional romantic non-vision than risk seeing if love can rise with open eyes.”

Chapter Two ~ intellectual stimulation

“My mind is a wild animal, language has yet to tame her.”

Chapter Three ~ outer space

“I was raised to think of God as an insomniac spy whose eyes opened directly onto everyone’s reality.”

Chapter Four ~ stalactites and dromedaries

“It made me feel sexy, listening to her, I felt my sex, not just the physical acts, but the purpose and the reason for the soul of my sexuality.”

Chapter Five ~ rhetorical device

“My angels change places, they rotate shifts, go on vacation, tour other planets, then I get to deal with new aspects of myself, new messages, new mediums.”

Chapter Six ~ savings accounts

“Having begun life in a chaotic family, I craved security and so fit in well with my peers.”

Chapter Seven ~ transcendancin

“He was beautiful, an Adonis, thick black curls falling down to his shoulders.”

Chapter Eight ~ salient

“I have waited in vain for absolute clarity.”

Chapter Nine ~ acquiescence

“He lived inside a fine glass bubble of ego.”

Chapter Ten ~ purple hyacinths

“I would like to come see you,” he said.

Chapter Eleven ~ seat belts

“Tremendously good, tremendously huge, tremendously unusual to be understood.”

Chapter Twelve ~ ecstasy

“We sang soft and silly songs to celebrate the time.”

Chapter Thirteen ~ commencement

“The people who build civilizations are so different from the people who live in them.”


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