BOOK FOUR ! heartland

“There are a set of religious, or rather moral writers, who teach that virtue is the certain road to happiness, and vice to misery, in this world.  A very unwholesome and comfortable doctrine and to which we have but one objection, namely, that it is not true.”  Henry Fielding

chapter one ! love has a logic of its own

“Shaharazzad was telling stories to save her life. Her audience was a clearly psychotic dreadfully unhappy king.  He had killed thousands of women after spending one night fucking them. Mr. Goodbar in a turban.”

chapter two ! grim

“Love is the sun that we planet persons need to keep us in orbit in the sky of vast experience and creative potential. We were survivors because we had not forgotten how to love. We were wobbly but orbiting.”

chapter three ! blood money

“Have you ever considered vampires?”

chapter four ! carbon dating

“How many women fit on the head of a pin?”

chapter five ! because his need does not eradicate me

“Or we might make it.”

chapter six ! posterity

“I pick up my favorite pen and contrive to write to my favorite person.”

chapter seven ! falling angels

“Can you fail therapy?”

chapter eight ! item eyes

“Men hate sex, you know what I mean? They want it over quick.”

chapter nine ! deducted

“You don’t want to be me.”

chapter ten ! notes from the underground

“Everyone has thoughts inside, feelings that they keep to themselves but this is a million times more intense than a regular secret.”

chapter eleven ! wanderlust

“Sex can cement a partnership in pain.”

chapter twelve ! ignorance is not bliss

“Here I am,” she thought.

chapter thirteen ! there's a whole in the world

“The chrysalis state would be a highly disturbing traumatic moment for a caterpillar who wasn’t in synch with her nature.”

chapter fourteen ! new math



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