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temi rose

2015 2cyberwhelm

(ann emily)

index of 2015 ac/crea/tivit/y/ies:

6.5.15 beauty (sigh) illustrated audio recording on youtube

3.12.15 major barbara illustrated audio recording on youtube

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"Much of my work is based on the insights, imagery and worldview
of the Florentine Academy headed by Marsilio Ficino
in the later decades of the 15th century.

Scholars debate about the nature of the structure of this academy,
but for Ficino himself it was clearly not a simple institute of teaching,
but a living community of friends.

It's easy to pass over a distinction like this lightly,
or to treat it as an insignificant, sentimental thought,
but imagine how radically our social structures would change
if we made friendship our highest priority
and considered our functional purposes secondary."

Thomas Moore