Carla Aurich Paintings 1997-2001



20" x 20", oil on canvas, 1999


Quote from the New York Times, Sunday, May 28th 2000:
"Pirouette," by Carla Aurich might be a simplified kaleidoscope pattern as it features symmetry and a sense of unfolding. To create the sensation of growth, several luminous layers of oil paint, some translucent, were painstakingly built up on a neutral ground." William Zimmer

"Pirouette" expands the self-containment, opens it larger until the colors in the center dominates the background--we are closer in, or it is upon us. Still it soothes with its symmetry, its meditative patterning, and the beautiful tissue layers of undulative paint. Part mandala, part spin art--it evokes spin art made from insect wings; a Rorschach blotter for an ecstasy clinic. Dana Spiotta


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