Children's War Pictures

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Rovzan - 8. A small, thin girl. Passed through so hard time of war.

Asya - an older girl. Does her best. Zejna - her little sister. It seems to me that she doesn't have a memory but a very sweet and good girl. They are a few years after the war and only Asya remembers the war.

Vacha - a little boy - very clever. Learns a lot at home. Very nice boy. This boy doesn't like to tell about his past time only his eyes were so sad when we once talked about the war.

Nura and Laura - sisters of 9 and 8. Very sweet girls. And it seems that for Laura is everything BREATHTAKING! EVEN THE NEW ENGLISH WORDS!! :-) And everything she expressed with her eyes. They lived in a village near a big city that was damaged by the war and very often they had to run away from their village.

Sasha - a Belarus girl. She is 8.

Hamzat - likes to visit English lessons :-) A very small boy of 9 or 1 , a good boy.

Magomed - a very calm and polite boy. Very clever.

Tamila - a very good and clever girl. A very sweet little girl.

Bella - a very lively and cheerful girl.

Chava and Ali - a sister and a brother. Very noisy, full of life, very helpful.

So sensitive girl. I am afraid to ask her about her past. She is little but it seems she saw a lot of terrible things. She takes everything to her heart.

Indira - a very clever and nice girl fights even with the boys a lot.


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