by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (with additional dialogue by temi rose, shellie sclan, marshall berman, mark delabarre)


adapted and directed by dr. temi (brodkey) rose


ensemble studio theatre
549 w 52


wed. JANUARY 25 dress rehearsal, come for free!
thurs.-sat. JANUARY 26-28 8pm
sun. JANUARY 29 2PM

$10 donation



The Cast

Aurora Dawn Harvey* - Lucy McMichael* - Alexandria Wailes*- Christine Rebecca Herzog*

Romney Brian Allard - Greg Anderson

Marian Stephanye Dussud* - (ASL Translation: Rebecca Friedman)

Lady Waldemar Lora Lee Ecobelli* - Bianca Aabel

Player One Katherine Hammond* - Garrett Zuercher*

Player Two Matthew Hammond - Guthrie Nutter*

*appearing courtesy of actors' equity association



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<><><><> Producers: Stephanye Dussud, temi rose <><><><>


This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field.


Director's statement:
I wonder what it would be like to remember every language
every word spoken in every language... and then, knowing
those echoes of all the heartfelt tremors and lying deceivers
resonating with the sounds of all that has been spoken
then to write it down and not feel just a little bit like god
like christ, like the child of a god who had no daughters
and yet
and yet... elizabeth barrett browning speaks that way
like someone who remembers every word ever spoken
like someone who knows everything i ever thought and felt
and ten thousand million zillion other things
i never thought or felt or even imagined
and so she shines a light in my mind as bright as if ...
as if she were here speaking to me of the aurora borealis
the magic that descends perpetually from above...

we are lucky to have a double cast
ASL actors and vocalizing actors
weave a mantra of love
and the strength to carry that love
throughout the long journey we call life