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9.12.17 THE THREE SISTERS, Anton Chekhov audio book online at gutenberg.org

1.1.17 AURORA LEIGH - love and revolution on youtube

aurora leigh audio book online at gutenberg.org





"... Nay, though the pedantry of the scholar
should betray a little ostentation,
yet a well-conditioned mind
would more easily, methinks,
tolerate the fox brush of learned vanity,
than the sans culotterie of a contemptuous ignorance,
that assumes a merit from mutilation
in the self-consoling sneer at the pompous
encumbrance of tails

"...disappintment has nipped our too forward expectations, yet all is not destroyed that is checked. the crop was perhaps springing up too rank in the stalk to kern well; and there were, doubtless. symptoms of ... blight on it. if superstition and despotism have been suffered to let in their wolvish sheep to trample and eat it down even to the surface, yet the roots remain alive, and the second growth may prove the stronger and healthier for the temporary interruption."

samuel taylor coleridge

temi rose audio books on gutenberg.org
the three sisters, anton chekhov
heartbreak house, george bernard shaw
major barbara, george bernard shaw
the doctor's dilemma, george bernard shaw
the admirable crichton, james m. barrie
a woman of no importance, oscar wilde
aurora leigh, elizabeth barrett browning



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2017 ~ music donated to gutenberg audio books ~ thank you!


Jeremy Hague
donated I Hear Thy Welcome Voice by Lewis Hartsough
a concertina recording for audio book

Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw

Herbert Hague (1900-1987)

Herbert Hague concertina salvation army

Jeremy Hague writes: My grandfather was Herbert Hague (1900-1987). He was a keen Salvationist all his life and some of his brass band compositions were published by the Salvation Army. He worked as a miner. Herbert enjoyed playing the English Concertina and he was a founder member of the International Concertina Association (ICA) established in 1952, when popularity in the instrument was waning. My father, Alan, also plays English Concertina and we are both still members of the ICA which exists to promote the history, music and playing of the concertina. I am currently its librarian and archivist. . The instrument itself has a very interesting history, as it was invented and patented by Sir Charles Wheatstone Fellow of the Royal Society


Aidas Rusa
donated In The Moonlight by Yevgeny Yuriev
a concertina recording for audio book

The Three Sisters
, Anton Chekhov


Thomas Bryant aka Whistling Tom
donated Jesu, Lord of Man's Desiring by JS Bach and
18th Century Japanese Traditional Melody

2 whistling recordings for audio book

The Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov

whistling tom bryant

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