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String Theory Sonata

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Review and Reaction by Donald Wilhem, Arts Editor Talent Magazine 2008

String Theory Sonata: Threads of a Crazy Quilt

Manhattan has over two hundred numbered streets stacked parallel to each other, running East and West from the Hudson to East Rivers. On any given night a planned or chance event along the island's north-south, east-west axes may sparkle your eyes or offer a quick spine tingle. In it's short run at the Ensemble Studio Theatre's Oktoberfest series on West 52nd Street, a stage play written and directed by Temi Rose offered plenty of intelligent sparkle, electric tingles of the spine, and most of all lots of laughter.

Entitled, "String Theory Sonata," this brilliantly written three-Act play comes to life through the smart, urgent, poetic and humorous voices of an expert ensemble cast that just simply put, has tons of fun on stage during their performance. Even writer-director Temi Rose enters the magical cerebral fray of her wondrous creation, flitting around the stage in a ballerina-like costume akin to Shakespeare's Ariel form "The Tempest."

... Under Ms. Rose's guidance, the cast resonates like a finely-pitched tuning fork revealing life's journey of hope and desperation, joy and sorrow, love and lust, poetry and science, and perhaps slipping through the seams of our sense and jumping back and forth between two parallel universes each day we trod our mortal coil. Like fragments exploding from an atomic supercollider, our lives as the play demonstrates, splinter into miniscule quarks and sub-particles that we really have no control over, but rather, we have to let ricochet off the walls of our hearts and minds and hope it sinks in to someone else' heart and mind in a benevolent way.

The nine actors and actresses who tangle and untangle themselves from their interior and exterior journeys collectively string together this crazy quilt of comedy known as String Theory Sonata. Their efforts will pop-the-eyes open of any viewer remotely interested in the Big Sonata of Life. Kudos to the excellent ensemble cast along with the creator the play, Ms. Temi Rose, who is a seasoned veteran of our Gotham's stage, and whose infectious, vibrant, energy seems to grow more expansive and stronger with each performance she conducts ... double Bravo for that!

Dear Temi Rose,

What a joyride you've created. String Theory Sonata is beyond mere laudatory adjectives.

Your imagination has run wild, but still ordered enough to evoke just about what every man and woman has lurking deep inside their cranium!

The assembled cast is having a ball up there and each member of the carnival blends perfectly together or rather, uh, strung in a tight, colorful, kaleidoscopic swirl.

Will love to see it again. Lady, on a wide stage. String is beyond Mark Morris Phillip Glass material. the sparkle in your eyes is reflected in the fine work you've produced at EST ... what a magnificent night. Keep rolling,

Best, Don Wilhelm