Wilbur Edwin Henry


Hack (#22, The Squeeze, season finale) District Attorney John Landi CBS/Big Ticket TV
Hack (#21, True Lies) District Attorney John Landi CBS/Big Ticket TV
Hack (#19, Signature) District Attorney John Landi CBS/Big Ticket TV
One Life to Live Multiple small speaking roles ABC TV (next airdate 6/27/05)
Uptown is Kickin’ It Board Member Music Video/MCA

New York Stage (partial list)
Outward Bound Scrubby Keen Company (2005 Drama D. nom.)
The School For Scandal Sir Oliver Gallery Players
Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden Pa (Elmer) Keen Company (2005 Drama D. nom.)
Pullman Car Hiawatha German Ghost, Saturn Keen Company (2005 Drama D. nom.)
Life is a Dream King Basilio Horace Mann
Henry IV, Parts I & II King Henry 11th Hour Theatre & La MaMa
Henry V Westmoreland/Gower 11th Hour Theatre & La MaMa
Henry IV, Part I Worcester (U/S Henry) Gorilla Rep (Fringe)
Ten Little Indians Inspector Blore All Souls Players
Spider’s Web Inspector Lord All Souls Players
Anastasia Prince Bounine Heritage Theatre
Three Sisters Baron Tusenbach Heritage Theatre
Ivanov Third Guest Jewish Rep.
The Merry Wives of Windsor Frank Ford ATA

Original and Developmental (partial list) *= original musicals
Sympathy John Ensemble Studio Theater
Promised Land Wayne (good ol’ boy) Stella Adler Studio
The Trials of MS. Katherine Dwayne Enright (attorney) The Harold Clurman
The Last Carburetor Doug (veteran, ex-steelworker) The Present Company
Morning Milking, Evening Milking Papa (Big Daddy type) Theatre for the New City
Yonder Window Breaks King Colitis Synchronicity
When Existential Things…* Uncle Don Workhouse
Frontier Halloween* Big Bill Rutter (cowboy) One Dream
Slasher* Coach Pedaleer Wings Theatre
A Matter of Life or Death Dr. Stevens The Quaigh

Have worked with: Charles Grodin, Robert Woods, Hillary Smith, Laura Esterman, Jonathan Hogan, Ann Dowd, Larry Arancio, David Morse, Andre Braugher, Cindy Katz, Rob Corddry, Terrence Mann, Novella Nelson, William LeMassena, Martha Greenhouse, et al.
Directed by: Robert Kalfin, Robert Singer, Fred Gerber, Michael Zinberg, Tom DiCillo, the Hudlin Brothers, Henry Wishcamper, Carl Forsman, Jim Farmer, Tony Torn et al.

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1982, Rep Company, Speech & Dialects - Liz Himmelstein, Recipient Philip Loeb Award, Ezra Stone, benefactor. Mansfield University, Irene Ryan Award nominee. Pat McCorkle, Audition Technique. Karen Kayser, Commercial Audition Technique. Mari Lyn Henry, Auditioning For the Camera. Monologue critique, F. Murray Abraham.