Appendix E - November 2000
E-mail initiating contact with research community from the Fine Arts Academy Coordinator
, Sable

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Dear K.,

Thanks for calling me back from H. I'm the director of the Fine Arts Academy for this School District. Students may audition in the areas of music, dance, visual arts and theater arts to attend this school of the arts. We are a grass roots effort that has come a long way in the last five years. [Two other major cities in the state] have the support of their school districts behind their magnet schools of fine arts. Here, there are district support magnet schools for science and liberal arts, but this Fine Arts Academy is not supported by the district in the same way the schools for science and liberal arts are supported.

Some of the most significant support of the Fine Arts Academy comes in a significant partnership between the college of Fine Arts at your university and our Fine Arts Academy.

We are not researchers, but want to know if researchers who are attending the conference would be interested in a grass roots effort like the Captain Dewey Fine Arts Academy. We have set goals and have accomplished goals and certainly have overcome obstacles to have achieved what we have achieved to date.

If we could be involved in some way (informally, since we found out about the conference too late to send in a proposal), I think there would be conference participants who might like to visit our campus and learn more about our school.

What do you think? Will you send me the web address, too, Thanks, K.

Fine Arts Academy Coordinator Sable