Appendix K — May 2001
Memo to faculty from Lightyear and Gold regarding computer competency test

Date: May 14, 2001

Re: Computer Competencies

This memo is intended only for those who have not completed their computer competencies.. sorry for the shotgun approach but too much is happening these days for me to send individualized letters.


One of the goals of our CIP this year has to do with the completion of teacher computer competencies. As of today's date, several teachers have not completed these competencies and, thus, run the risk of losing the computers that have been assigned to your classroom, Captain Dewey High has been allowed to receive these computers only as a reward for following the District's plans for increasing the level of teacher proficiency. Those who fail to cooperate with this expectation will have to forfeit their computers to someone else.


Please inform me in writing of your plans to finish these competencies. Once you have them finished please turn them in to me and I, in turn will make sure that the members of our DTLT receive them. Once again, failure to comply with these computer competencies will have to result in assigning the computers in your room to other who have remained on schedule for the completion of their competencies.