Appendix L - October 2001
Pierce's report to the Fine Arts Technology Committee

The Academy tries to blend Fine Arts and Technology in the process of creating enhanced curriculum for Captain Dewey High students. Past successes have included the creation of a state of the art digital recording studio (two years old) and a technology lab with introductory software modules (one year old).

This year, technology development will again be a primary emphasis for the Academy. Our past successes and the rapid pace of new developments have directed us to creating a technology plan for the whole school. A Technology Strategic Planning Committee has worked over the summer and determined to include the following major components in this technology plan.

  1. Tech support/maintenance - the need for support of the hardware and software has not kept pace with the implementation of this technology. The long-range plan for the school must address this problem.
  2. District initiatives - the district objectives of computers in all classrooms will be continued.
  3. Library Computer Lab -use of the computer lab presently located in the Captain Dewey High library has been disjointed due to lack of planning and organization. Systems will be put in place to assure that this resource is more effectively utilized.
  4. Mobile Lab - teachers' desire for a computer lab for the purpose of group presentations exceeds the room capacity of the school. Captain Dewey High will seek grants to develop a mobile lab of networked laptop computers on a cart. This mobile lab, similar to the one being implemented at [our vertical team's] middle school, can be "checked out" from the library.
  5. Tech (Modules) Lab - the introductory modules in the Tech Lab have already led to related full courses such as the new Computer Aided Design (CAD) course beginning this year. More new modules are in the works for the Tech Lab this year.
  6. Recording Studio - the recording studio has a new home in the library and has expanded to include video production. Incorporating the video component in the curriculum will be the objective for this year.
  7. Distance Learning - Captain Dewey High will have a distance learning lab this year. Using it effectively will be the challenge. The Academy is now working on a plan to staff and manage this facility.