An Intrinsic Exquisite


what is merging?

can I lose
the guilt
the shame
the sense
of not belonging the sense of clipping my dreams
before they get a chance to fly?

what are my dreams?

what is this crazy deal of two sexes



I have felt all sorts of pieces of it,
lingering hope drifts
like feathers across the edges of my mind

always pulling me back is the sense of hopelessness, blankness and despair

the male literature is full of dread
do women ape that stance?

if romance novels are a joke, then why isn't science fiction novels a joke?

the torturous is more real than the joyful

the religious leaders who are meant to be the spokespeople for joy and to reflect joy
all seem guarded in their statements and their look
are they scared to be lumped with the romance novelists as useless appendages to society?

you're not intrinsic unless you are blood and guts? hey, romance is blood and guts

it was hard to come up with a dream that fit her needs

she didn't want children. she wasn't looking for the procreator/protector male

and she already had two sexes inside her