An Intrinsic Exquisite

they die like



just because women prefer to do their fighting delicately does not make us any less dangerous

in fact, if you talk to the homeopathists, they'll tell you that the less visible, the more subtle, the power, the more deeply its influence will be felt. after all, who benefits from the system as it is, the so-called patriarchal system?

surely not the mass of men who are born to work and slave, who are sent to wars to die, barely aware of the political and economic machinations that control the hopelessness of their existence

perhaps it's easier to think that kingly chaps, bombasts and industrial leaders, and oh-so-commanding types are benefiting

but they die like flies, work and worry themselves to death while their queen bee wives linger at the hair dresser, beat the servants, have sex with their chauffeurs and their sons

ok, ok, some priviledged wives do the meek queen bee thing of being the doormat beat-machine so the man can release his tensions before continuing his berserk viciousness

certainly the stance surrounding the rich woman's victimization has lasted long enough, the stance of ignoring their plight that is, but there are many women who benefit greatly in luxury undreamed of by most of the rest of us