an intrinsic exquisite


in which it is finished


when it began





an introduction










by ann emily brodkey

in which it is finished
he is gone
back to bashing
we live and breathe
how does one change?
as she poured
and Gina began to cry
when it began
I am always alone
there was no sign
got someone waiting, love
secret, silent self
when people love me I canŐt bear it
a different symphony
dancing with the devil
perhaps we are not so much inspired as brimming
perhaps nature is using us to complete herself
perhaps reality acts through imagination
the invisible giant
fantastical imagination
the air is full of self pity
to the edge on infinity
bless these eye
my mother liked the sadists best
imbeciles could do this better
the build-in capabilities are enormous and the lives are so small
labored expressly searching
and so they demanded the exportation of victimes
my heart wants to be with your heart
systematic indecision
why I like to be naked
I wish I could burn them in effigy with everything they stand for
nothing left to offend
no longer stranded
path oŐ logical war
the colorist
and she said she remembered running away
promises kept or broken
trench warfare of love
too much
and why do I need to be seduced?
a long litany
he is an elemental
does it matter who I am?
repeat ad infinitum
I remember being 14 and dreaming
objects of desire
nothing to do with soul searching
temper molds every hard thing
she sits dignified cat on her lap
and if an angel did sweep me off my feet
baby boomers booming
can two people love equally deeply
5a. and as you pick the threads come apart
indulge me
the relevant Q & A

intentionality occasions regret
I like a good story
face it: youŐre a freak
cradle me
listening to a mime
control keeps popping up

this has been a lonely century
thanks for recommending this form of flight
what is merging?
there is always a gigolo
the sun or a black hole?
I can feel you with me
how people do it
outstanding doubts will be pardoned
do you know you are in love with me?
she embraces the night
men arenŐt smart enough
they die like flies
relentless self improvement
unpolitically correct
my fatherŐs suffering
bear baiting
two sexes
we waste ourselves on indifference
so many glistening threads
a woman plain and simple
all the heroic stories
too bad
belligerent light
not alone, not together
investing in... mobius strips
to feel the power of creativity
to create something out of nothing
and your need
victim of commericalization
soft air
I am so lonely

I guess I am coming down to earth
to be touched
a variety of subterfuge
itŐs really hard to remember
there is no way to own life
a piece of life
passionate sequences
mutual ecstasy goes something like this
our fate was in our hands
we were moving so fast
when you are near I am surrounded by music
surfacing gracefully
like the tide comes to the shore
rape is a solitary act
pleasure is mandatory
consciousness that never comes back
to be gentle with yourself
my pleasures make me who I am
this question of solitariness
this loneliness might be death
if you could have loved me
what I get is lectures
I have tried not speaking
where am I now?
I can smell the wildness on me
the lotus eaters
apparently there are people for whom romance consists of more than one otherness
who am I if not a minority?
behaving like a man
this is why no one tells the truth about themselves
deconstruction at my core
to love him is to allow myself to conspire with him
what remains