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The police department DOES NOT determine fault in motor vehicle accidents. Officers write tickets based on enforcement of the Transportation Code, as written by the Texas Legislature. Fault is a Civil Matter.

Over $500.00 damage and/or injuries constitutes a major collision, and DPS will place this on your driving record, regardless of your involvement in the collision.

If you are involved in a collision in the City of Austin that leaves your vehicle disabled, you cannot call your own wrecker. You have to call 911, and the officer responding to the scene will see that a wrecker is dispatched. (This is in accordance with the City of Austin Wrecker Ordinance.) You may request a special wrecker company. But they can only tow your vehicle if they are on the approved list.


What charges can be filed in traffic investigations?

Texas Penal Code -

Punishments -

Criminally Negligent Homicide -

Driving While Intoxicated -

Intoxication Assault -

Intoxication Manslaughter -

Enhanced Offenses and Penalties -

Failure to Stop and Render Aid - In the transportation Code (550.021 and 550.023)

Leaving the Scene of an Accident - In the transportation Code (550.022 and 550.023)

Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility - In the transportation Code (601.191)


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