2cyberwhelm/21 years old

michal in london


as the year begins, inanna finds me woodshedding
taking the time to find the time to be the time to know the time
the self inside as she passes out of the way of people shoving
cursing loving laughing leaving weeping
stepping into the dark to find the light hiding in laments
souls in tormentious exstasies - revelation and disbelief
can't win today not this way not here not now after all that walking
i can't sit no time for sitting time for woodshedding
inanna finds me in the dark beyond

three hearts

temi rose audio books on gutenberg.org
the three sisters, anton chekhov
heartbreak house, george bernard shaw
major barbara, george bernard shaw
the doctor's dilemma, george bernard shaw
the admirable crichton, james m. barrie
a woman of no importance, oscar wilde
aurora leigh, elizabeth barrett browning

temi rose youtube videos
the best things in life are free - temi rose
heartbreak house - george bernard shaw
once upon a time in times square - temi rose
the admirable crichton - james m. barrie
major barbara - george bernard shaw
a woman of no importance - oscar wilde
the doctor's dilemma - george bernard shaw
aurora leigh - elizabeth barrett browning
beauty (sigh) - temi rose

heart beating

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topography - the landscape of my soul - 2002-2005

the anatomy of my becoming - 2006-2009


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once upon a time in times square

long and short plays

aurora leigh - primary stages - ensemble studio theatre - gutenberg - youtube

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diversity studies


doctoral dissertaion - Integrating Art and Technology:
An Action Research Case Study in a High School
in the United States of America, 2001
- university of texas, austin


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Hi Temi,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your site- some savvy teens and I are getting a lot of use from it! Our writer's workshop here in Washington is working with a historical fiction theme this month so we've been searching all over for inspiration- that's how we stumbled onto your page here, http://2cyberwhelm.org/archive/links.html ..it's been tough finding non-spammy resources for the group so you have our thanks! Plus your page gave us a lot of great ideas to boost our efforts :o)

As a token of our thanks we wanted to share another fun historical resource that one of our superstars Mia found. It's a simplified guide to different fashions throughout the centuries with a focus on Medieval, Renaissance, and Regency styles. Maybe you might even find it useful for your page? Let us know what you think:

The Historical Fashion Resource-

Hopefully you like it too! If you do decide to add it I'll be sure to show the girls you liked her find. Another site we've been using a lot too is http://www.writersdigest.com. I love sharing stuff and if you have any other needs or cool research ideas please feel free to pass them along. Thanks again, I'm excited about this connection!

Cheers and well wishes,

Sabrina Doyle / 2.6.18