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I am an employer. What can I do?

If you are a supervisor/manager/employer of someone who you suspect is being abused, do not ignore it.
You may feel like it is not your responsibility to address the issue.
You may feel like it is too personal and that it would be inappropriate for you to discuss your observations.
However, there are several good reasons to intervene.

First, domestic violence victims are often isolated and feel compelled to keep their situation a secret.
They may feel embarrassed.
By addressing the issue in a private, sensitive manner, you are taking positive action toward ending the problem-you may be the first and only person to acknowledge that the problem even exists.

Second, victims are often fearful that they will lose their jobs if their employer finds out the truth. The batterer may even have threatened to contact the victimÍs employer and get him/her fired.
By talking with the victim you can reassure them that you are supportive and want them to be safe. You can help create a place where they can depend on assistance if they decide to leave the abusive situation.
If your employee is attempting to leave a violent situation you need to know that it is probably the most stressful time for them.
The abuser is at his/her most dangerous and threatening. He/she may attempt to contact the victim at work, particularly if the victim has gone into shelter.
It is important that you offer the victim time off work to go to various appointments with police, attorneys, counselors, etc.
He/she may also be having difficulty with child care, finances, etc. due to being on their own.

Finally, it is essential that you consider the safety of the victim and other employees in the work place. Ask that the victim provide a picture of the abuser, so that security personnel, receptionist, other employees (if appropriate), etc. can be made aware to call 9-1-1 if they see him/her.
Encourage people to walk to their cars/bus stop with others or with security.
You can also contact Victim Services and request that a counselor come out to the workplace to assist in safety planning and education.


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