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I am a friend: What can I do?

As the friend of someone in an abusive situation, you may feel afraid, frustrated, angry and/or helpless.
These feelings are normal: Your friend is in a dangerous situation.
S/he may talk with you about it but return to the abuser over and over again.
Anger toward the abuser, police, courts and even the victim is not unusual given the seriousness of the situation.

But there are things you can do to make a difference.

* believe what the abused person tells you. Even if the abuser seems nice; even if the abuser is also your friend
* keep what your friend tells you confidential
* encourage your friend to get help
* listen and do not judge your friend
* understand that leaving an abusive relationship is very difficult
* stay in touch with your friend

To read strategies for helping persons in abusive relationships: (from SafePlace in Austin) click here.

And remember, you can always call and talk with a counselor to get further assistance regarding your friend's particular situation or just if you need to talk about your own feelings and concerns.


  I am the victim
  I am a child in the family
  I am a teacher/child care worker
  I am a friend
  I am an employer
  I am the abuser
My family is experiencing violence
I would like to...


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Social Services Links:
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TCSO Victim Services
SafePlace: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survival Center
Austin Child Guidance Center

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